Infant Tummy Time Facts
By Jessica Edwards-Perrin, DPT
July 11, 2017
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By Jessica Edwards-Perrin, DPT
Preferred Physical Therapy

  • Tummy time promotes head and neck strength.
  • Tummy time promotes trunk strength needed for crawling and walking.
  • Tummy time can consist of multiple sessions per day starting at 3 to 5 minutes each - working your way up to 40 to 60 minutes per day.
  • Doing tummy time while the child is awake will prevent head shape issues (Flat Head Syndrome or Plagiocephaly) and also can prevent neck muscle tightness (Torticollis).

Week One from Hospital
Rest baby on stomach on your chest or over your lap. Let infant lift head from side to side as the child is able. Do this multiple times per day.

Week Two from Hospital
Continue to rest infant on your chest or lap. Start doing tummy times after feeding or nap on the floor. The child can also go over a boppy pillow or a rolled towel on the floor to help her lift her head.

Week Three and Beyond
Child should continue to be placed on the floor for play times. Encourage the child to be on the floor 40 to 60 minutes per day. This can still be broken up in multiple sessions as the child tolerates. NEVER GIVE UP! Limit the time in "containers" like the bumbo, swing, jumper and encourage more floor time. Put toys around for the child to look up to and place them over the boppy still as needed. If struggling, contact your physician or physical therapist.