We are here for you and your family! We have so many ways to help! And most importantly we want you to know you are not alone in this challenging time. Please call 913.384.5500 if you have any questions or concerns. Keep up to date with our latest information on Facebook and watch our physicians video presentations and tours on YouTube.

Well Checks - Keep them! That is the recommendation of our physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Well checks are vital to make sure your child is developing correctly! Immunizations are essential if a child is due.

We know that you may be concerned about what your healthy child may be exposed to. That is why we have divided our sick visits and our well checks. They are currently in different parts of our practice. When you get off the elevator there is staff member there to help you and make sure you in the correct area of the practice.

New Babies - We take extra special care of our new babies. Babies and their parents are roomed immediately on the well side of our office. 

Sick Visits - Our Walk-In Clinic is available for patients who don't have an appointment. We would prefer you call us before coming in for a sick visit. PLEASE CALL 913.384.5500. The sick visit may be appropriate for a TeleHealth visit. Virtual visits are a way for you and your child to stay at home and have a visit with a physician. We know children are still getting colds and sore throats and ear aches and the traditional assortment of other ailments. We are here to treat those!

COVID-19 - Please do not walk into our office if you are concerned your child has COVID-19. Please call 913-384-5500. If you come into the office with those concerns you will be treated by our COVID-19 Care Team. This team is made up of our most experience registered nurses and our physicians. We have a designated area for patients who have symptoms of COVID-19. 

For information on COVID-19 please go to the CDC website.

Anxiety and Depression - This challenging time can have emotional impacts on children.  Again, we are here to help and are ready to see your child in the office or during a TeleHealth appointment.


What We Are Doing to Keep
You & Your Family Safe

  • We are offering TeleHealth appointments, so a physician can deal with your child's concern without you coming into the office.
  • Our entire staff is wearing masks and gloves and being diligent in social distancing.
  • We have divided the office into a sick side and a well side. Patients check in at separate locations.
  • As described above we have a protocol in place to protect other patients if we have a child who may have COVID-19.
  • All staff members have their temperatures taken twice a day. If a staff member were to have a fever she would immediately be sent home. She would not be allowed to return to work until her fever is gone (without help from a fever reducer) and she is asymptomatic for three days.
  • We have increased our cleaning regimen. We deep clean exam rooms after every visit. We sanitize the table, counters, chairs, sinks. stools and everything else that a patient or family member may have come in contact with. The check-in and check-out areas are cleaned mulitiple times throughout the day. Benches, door knobs, chairs and counters are also cleaned multiple times.