Gayle Woods, RN, APRN

Gayle Woods, RN, APRN


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Gayle Woods was the first employee hired by Dr. Gerald Wigginton when he started Johnson County Pediatrics in September, 1973.

JoCo Peds was the first pediatrics practice in Johnson County, and Gayle recalls that on the first day they had 10 patients. Woods was a registered nurse then, and Ann Wigginton (Dr. Wigginton's wife) was the receptionist and bookkeeper.

A native of Butler, Missouri, Gayle became a registered nurse after graduating from Research Hospital School of Nursing in 1971. She became a certified pediatric nurse practitioner after attending the University of Kansas in 1981.

“There is oftentimes confusion about the health care role of a Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner (PNP)”, Woods says. PNPs have advanced education in pediatric nursing and health care and serve families in an extensive variety of settings. They provide health maintenance care, including well-child exams, perform routine developmental screenings, diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses, provide anticipatory guidance regarding common child health concerns and provide immunizations.

Patients may see Woods during a walk-in clinic or for appointments when a child's primary care physician is not available.

“I always wanted to be a pediatric nurse,” she says. “Children are fun, and in pediatrics there is always something new to learn.”

One of Woods' passions is the work she does in Jamaica. She is the medical director of Jamaica Partners, a mission that provides medical care to underserved populations in Jamaica. Woods spends 10 days in Jamaica each year.

She also enjoys golfing, gardening and fishing. She is married to Dr. Larry Evans, and they have six children and 16 grandchildren.