Patient-Centered Medical Home

Medical Home Responsibilities

We are striving to be the best medical home for our patients.

What is a Medical Home?

The Medical Home is an innovative, team-based approach to providing health care.  A partnership develops between the patient, his or her primary care physician and a health care team.  Together, following evidence-based guidelines for medical care, the team will coordinate the services you need to provide the best healthcare possible.

What are the changes you as a patient/parent can anticipate?

  • Team Based Care:

    • Your primary care physician will work with the rest of the JCP team of primary care providers, nurses and support staff.This team will work with you to provide all of your healthcare needs.

  • Improved Healthcare Access:

    • You no longer need to use urgent care centers to be seen for urgent issues during work hours.Either your primary care physician or one of their colleagues will see you on the very day you have an urgent healthcare need.You can call ahead and schedule or use our patient portal to schedule with your primary care if there is availability on his/her schedule and/or you can come to the office during our all-day walk in clinic where there is always a provider available.

    • Routine and follow-up care will be provided in a timely manner and can be arranged by contacting our team directly.We will be monitoring your medical needs and will proactively contact youto schedule follow-up appointments at a convenient time for you.

    • Our Medical Home Team will help to coordinate your follow-up and specialty appointments as you request.

  • Improved Communication and Access to Information:

    • You can communicate with a Medical Home Team member anytime during normal working hours by calling 913-384-5500.

    • We have also implemented the patient portal on our website that will allow you to electronically communicate with your healthcare team, and receive electronic communication regarding issues and concerns.Please visit to sign up on the patient portal.

  • How will I contact My Medical Home Team?

    • You can contact your Medical Home Team directly to arrange an appointment or to discuss healthcare needs by calling 913-384-5500 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays).You can also use the patient portal to contact us.Outside of normal clinic hours for urgent matters you can call the same number and you call will be answered by the Children’s Mercy Phone Triage Center.If needed, they will contact the on-call doctor to give you a call.Please continue to call 911 for all emergencies.It will be necessary for you (or your surrogate) to let the Medical Home Team know if you are seen by any other provider.This will allow us to continue to coordinate your healthcare needs.