Dr. Bryan Nelson To Retire

Dearest Patients and Families,

I have decided that after being a pediatrician for 45 years, it is time for me to look for birds in trees instead of ears.  

My retirement will begin in Spring 2020.

Pediatrics is both very rewarding and very humbling. A pediatrician is responsible for the most important possessions any family could have – their children. One of the wonderful things about children is that even though they get ill quickly, they recover quickly. They don’t have bad health problems due to bad lifestyle choices like smoking and doing things to excess.

I have tried to be a good listener and not jump to conclusions too quickly. I have always believed that there is a different story behind every door, and you can’t assume the cough in room 1 is the same as the cough in room 2. I have always enjoyed the “play” part of pediatrics where you get to hug babies and talk about children’s lives and the things they find fun.

I have been fortunate to have been in one place this entire time and have been able to experience the joy in seeing a lot of second generation children. I actually continue to see the children of the very first baby I saw on my first day of practice in 1978.

At this point in time Johnson County Pediatrics is very professionally managed by our practice administrator and her team, allowing the clinical staff to focus solely on the patient. I am impressed with our group of physicians, our nurse practitioner and our nursing staff. I have every confidence in their ability to carry on the type of professional and caring pediatric relationship I hope you are accustomed to.  For those patients getting to be old enough to transition out of the office, I would be more than happy to provide some guidance in that area.

I greatly appreciate the trust you have shown in me all these years. I can only hope that one or two suggestions I made worked out well. I have tried to listen to find the problems that aren’t common, and to never act like there was something more important going on outside the room.

I wish you all the best and I will miss being a special part of your life.

With Warmest Regards,

Dr. Bryan Nelson, MD, FAAP


Psychologist joins JoCoPeds

Dr. Ali Calkins-Smith, clinical psychologist, joined Johnson County Pediatrics in mid-September.

“We are thrilled to be adding Dr. Calkins-Smith to JoCoPeds,” said Dr. Mary Tyson. “She brings children’s and adolescent psychological services to our practice, which we are keenly aware are important to our patients, our families and our community. We felt it was our responsibility to meet the needs of the increased number of families with children experiencing health issues like anxiety and depression.”

A native of Overland Park, Calkins-Smith attended Shawnee Mission public schools. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2011, earned master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas. Calkins-Smith completed her post-doctoral internship and fellowship training at Children’s Mercy.

“I love working with children and adolescents!” Dr. Calkins-Smith said. “They are hilarious,fun, kind, and honest. I feel super fortunate to have the opportunity to work with not only children and adolescents, but also their families.

Dr. Calkins-Smith will have appointments available Monday through Friday.

The types of appointments that Calkins-Smith will be scheduling include:
1. Psychological Assessment (learning disorders, ADHD)
2. General parent training/child management
3. Disruptive behavior (Oppositional behavior, temper tantrums, behavioral noncompliance, biting, sibling problems, etc.)
4. Depression
5. ADHS/attention concerns
6. Anxiety Disorders (separation anxiety, school phobia, specific fears/phobias, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
7. Enuresis (day or night wetting/soiling), Toileting Refusal and toilet training
8. Feeding issues (if severe, may need to refer to feeding clinic)
9. Sleep disturbances (bedtime problems, night terrors, nightwaking, etc.)
10. Habit/Tic disorders (thumbsucking, nailbiting, trichtillomania/hair pulling, Tourettes/tics)
11. Mood difficulties (situational depression)
12. Adjustment Disorders (separation/divorce, adoption/birth of sibling, grief/loss, etc.)
13. Adjustment to Injury (no longer able to participate in sport/activity)
14. Adolescent Issues (parent-child conflict, social concerns, etc.)
15. Social Concerns (general social interaction difficulties, bullying, etc.)
16. School Difficulties (school avoidance, poor grades, memory, learning concerns)
17. Pain management (headache, chronic pain, anxiety regarding medical procedures, biofeedback)
18. Coping with medical condition/illness
19. Adherence to medical recommendations (pill swallowing)


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